Do you need a check up from the neck up?

Uncategorized Aug 21, 2019

Hi there!


In this live show with my Rise and Shine members, we discussed how I'm teaching a class at Nova Southeastern University called"Integrating Physical Education & Health Education into the Elementary Classroom" . Click on the title of the class to learn how to incorporate wellness into your world. 

I am intuitively placing an emphasis on MENTAL health in my instruction. I feel compelled to share how easy it is to give yourself, your child, your students, and/or anyone in your care a regular check up from the neck up? 

How do I know I'm on the right path? I listen to my students. 

Claire chimed in after I shared a strategy that helps "SNAP" anyone out of a funky state.

"You should be a therapist. I've been in therapy my whole life and no one ever told me anything this useful."

OH, SNAPPPP! I love that!

Rise and Shine members, you know the one. ;) "Snap Out of IT!"

Most people don't want to share their heart and soul as freely as Claire.

That's why I love what we created in class yesterday. 

The fishies are full of “Things I Wish My Teacher Knew “ where everyone’s fish gets posted anonymously.  Then we wrote positive notes and posted them on our "Take What You Need" board. 


This is what I call old school creativity. We didn’t have post its so we used a stapler. We didn’t have letters so we cut them out ourselves. No paper. No problem. We used scraps to create the coral. We had one pad of squares and blank fish and look what we made. They learned all 6 dimensions of health and wellness and left class with useful tools.

Stay tuned for more great ways to incorporate HEALTH and WELLNESS into your life. 

With love,

Dawn ☀️

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