2 | Why Does Literacy Matter?

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We tell kids not to cheat. ðŸ˜ŽðŸ¤žðŸ¼We teach them to keep their eyes on their own paper. But life is a collaboration of ideas and energy. 

There’s nowhere in life except school, when you need connection the most, that you can’t look to others for support, inspiration, and help. “We” expect students to memorize useless information that can be found in a smart search online. 

In my world, if you know how to find the answer, that’s all that matters. Here’s the thing. Except for standardized tests, there's nowhere in life we're not allowed to look at our notes and outside resources. Even the new doctor about to go into the latest surgery glances at their notes before they go in. They have physical and emotional rituals that allow them to get into an alert state. 

Reading and writing require the same mental state. Besides, when we need help in 2021, we can ask Alexa, Siri, Google, and more. 

I also know the person who needs the most help often doesn't perceive themselves as a person who needs help.

In this video, I highlight the high "cost" of illiteracy. 



About the Podcast:

Founder of Freely Reading and college of education professor Dawn Goldstein asks essential questions: why does literacy matter, how do we wake up learners to their full potential, and how do we move forward post-pandemic without returning our factory style of education.

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