"So much value in one place! Thank you so much Ms. Goldstein for teaching my son some valuable skills. I did read some of the passages that you gave Ty and I loved them. You are a phenomenal teacher and I wish you were in the classroom; is that bad?"

Collet W., Satisfied parent
Tyller W. Western High School, Class of 2017

"She makes learning fun! Every child has a teacher they remember their whole life. For me, that special teacher was Ms. Goldstein. From the first day of class until the very last day, she cared for each student and their progress. She made learning fun, entertaining and easy to follow along. Over 10 years later, I still remember some of the projects and books that were a part of her curriculum. My love for reading comprehension grew as a result of her dedication to her students, specifically me. She helped me not only excel in school, but go above what I would’ve imagined. I went from struggling in English, to AP English and graduating from college in 3 years. Ms. Goldstein was a HUGE part of that. I am so grateful that after all these years I am able to stay in touch with such an amazing person that forever made a difference in my life. Thank you Ms. Goldstein! Teachers like you are one in a billion!"

Ally S., Former Student
Palm Beach Atlantic University graduate

"Being in her class changed the way I think. She helped me unlock that part of me that motivates me to do better. She made me believe I can do anything I put my mind to."

Class of 2017!

"Having you as a teacher has been a wonderful experience. You helped me with everything I ever needed. You really cared about my work and ability and for that, I am grateful for you and thank you!"

Sophie H.
Class of 2016!

"This class will teach you how to learn, and accomplish tasks faster and better than you ever had before. I learned about Cornell Notes, a new and improved way of note-taking. It helps you study, and actually remember what you're reading. "

Izzy C.
Class of 2016!

"You helped me and believed in me every step of the way. The hardest part for me was writing the essays because I would always get writer's block and you always talked me through it. Thank You! I was blessed to have you as a teacher."

Kayla W.
Class of 2018!

"In the end, you'll see improvement in your writing skills and you'll be able to come up with ideas for any type of writing much quicker. You'll find Dawn Goldstein is a phenomenal teacher, even though this is an online class, you'll feel that you're learning the criteria IRL."

Patricia Jean J.
Class of 2018!

"The way you express yourself in class makes me understand and you motivate me to achieve anything in life. You taught me so many great study skills and you drilled into me that a growth mindset helps you achieve more."

Class of 2016!

"This class introduced me to be and made me understand a little more English. The assignments on this class go beyond HW. They were about me so I caved in and did them all."

Anna Maria P.
From Italy

"I barely know English and you still taught me how to write with my heart and not worry about my mistakes. I have to say thank you because I slowly understood how to do this class and it changed everything for me. "

Umberto P.
From Italy

"After her class, my test scores have gone up a lot because of strategies and things you learn in this class. She makes learning comfortable. My grades all better all around and I know its because of this class. "

Antonio R.
Class of 2017!

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